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Cafitesse Excellence Compact

Weekly cleaning

Cleaning your Cafitesse Excellence Compact

To keep your coffee machine in optimal condition, it is important to clean the Cafitesse Excellence Compact regularly. Clean the machine according to the instructions at least once a week and twice a week if you have the milk version. A message will appear automatically on the display when it is time for cleaning.


Clean your coffee machine in 23 simple steps.

Step 1

Activate cleaning mode

Press and hold the red stop button and the lower right (enter) button for about 2 to 3 seconds to enter cleaning mode. Hold down the lower right button (enter) only once you have pressed the red stop button.


Damp, clean cloth
Clean. dry cloth
Clean, paper towel (e.g. kitchen roll)
Suma Cafe Tabs
Large container of hot water
Optional: exchange set

Step 2

Select the cleaning program

The display will show "rinse". Using the second button from the bottom right, continue until the display shows "Clean". Then press the bottom button on the right.

Step 3

Open the refrigerator door

Open the refrigerator door by grabbing it on both sides by the handle and pulling it upward.

Step 4

Dispose of the ingredients

Remove the ingredient packs from the machine by lifting them up.

Step 5

Clean the cooling compartment

Using a clean, damp cloth, clean the inside of the refrigerator compartment. Then dry the cooling compartment with a clean, paper towel.

Step 6

Remove the mixer console

Remove the mixer console. That's the grey area directly below the refrigerator compartment. Grab this by using the two levers and move it down towards you. You will hear a beep.

Step 7

Remove the mixing container

Carefully pull the mixing bowl out of the coffee machine. If your Cafitesse Excellence Compact has a third ingredient, there will be a hose that runs to the mixing tray. You have to unclip this before removing the mixing bowl completely.

Step 8

Clean the ingredient guides

When your coffee machine was delivered, you received a rag to clean the ingredient guides. These are the holes that hold the ingredient dosing spouts. You can move the rag up and down completely through the spout.

Step 9

Clean the mixing bowl

Place the entire mixing container in hot water along with Suma Café Tabs. Soak the mixing bowl for about 15 minutes. Then rinse the mixing bowl thoroughly and dry it with a clean, dry cloth.

Step 10

Replace the mixing bowl

Slide the mixing tray back into the coffee machine. When the mixing bowl is properly inserted, you will hear a click and a double beep.

Step 11

If you use chocolate or milk powder or not

If you use chocolate or milk powder or not

If you use chocolate or milk powder in your coffee machine, proceed to step 12. Otherwise, you can go directly to step 21.

Step 12

Disconnect the delivery hose

On the right-hand side of your coffee machine, the dispensing hose is attached to the mixing bowl. Twist it back and forth until it comes loose.

Step 13

Turn the green lever

You can turn the green lever (the lever is sometimes transparent) counterclockwise. As soon as you hear a click, the mixing bowl will release. That's the black and grey part.

Step 14

Remove the mixer parts

Remove the mixing bowl by pulling it completely straight out of your coffee maker.

Step 15

Disassemble the mixing bowl

You can detach the parts of the mixing bowl. You will then have three separate pieces.

Step 16

Clean the mixer parts

Put all mixer parts, including the dispensing tube, in a container of hot water with Suma Café Tabs. Soak this for 15 minutes, rinse the parts well and then dry them.

Step 17

Assemble the mixing bowl

Reconnect the parts of the mixing bowl. Make sure they are placed in line with each other.

Step 18

Position the green ring

Make sure the inlets of the green ring end up exactly on top of the holes on the coffee machine

Step 19

Secure the mixing bowl

Place the mixing bowl on the green ring. The mixing bowl is locked by turning the green lever clockwise until it can't go any further.

Step 20

Secure the delivery hose

You can now also attach the dispensing hose to the mixing bowl, mixing bowl and to the coffee pack.

Step 21

Insert the mixer console.

Insert the mixer console. Make sure the two black brackets fall into the metal guides. When you push the mixer console, you hear a click followed by a double beep.

Step 22

Insert the ingredient packs

When inserting the pack in the coffee machine, make sure that the dispensing spout is situated straight under the pack (a 90° angle). The pack will then easily sink into the holder. If you insert the pack with the front of the pack facing you, you can easily see how much is left in the ingredient pack.

Step 23

Start rinsing

The display now reads "insert collection tray". You need to place the provided collection tray under the spout. If you do not have one on hand, you can use any container of at least 1 litre. Once you have put in in place, you can press "Enter. The machine will starts rinsing. This takes no more than 5 minutes.

Warning: The liquids dispensed by the coffee machine are hot! Avoid burning! Keep your hands and other body parts away from the coffee machine during the cleaning process.


Ging er iets mis?

Als je na het spoelen van uw Cafitesse Excellence Compact Black storingscode 73 in het display ziet, is het reinigen niet helemaal juist uitgevoerd. Herhaal de bovenstaande stappen. Mocht dit het probleem niet oplossen, meld jouw storing dan via het storingsformulier of telefonisch via 030 2977000.

Zorg dat je een eventuele storingscode en jouw machinenummer bij de hand heeft. Het machinenummer vind je op de binnenzijde van de deur van jouw Cafitesse Excellence Compact.